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The 8 Balls 2022 Preview

The 8 Balls are a team that likes to fly under the radar. No controversies, no arguments, no disruption; just roll the (8) ball out and play. When a team is led by Captain Ross Conway, things tend to go pretty smooth. The 8 Balls were up and down this past season as they never seemed to be able to find their rhythm. This was not unexpected due to the lack of experience on some of 8 Ballers. Of their team, only 3 of them had played high school basketball until their senior year. With some players not being able to make every game and new additions every now and then, it seemed as though this team could never get their feet settled and start to build a foundation. We saw glimmers of The 8 Balls talent throughout the season and I believe that they have the correct pieces to make a run. Now that they have their team set in stone, I believe that this should be a team on everyones radar due to their ability to push the pace and beat their opponent up and down the floor. Let's not forget to mention they had the Defensive Player of the Year in Ross Conway.

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