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The Lanc Show 2022 Preview

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The regular season does not seem to matter for The Lanc Show as they finished near the bottom of the standings, yet finished out as champions. Their unselfishness and defense is what carried them throughout the year. They have some of the best team chemistry out of any of the teams and that starts with their captain, Grant Conway. Mr. Conway was able to lead his team into believing that if everyone plays into their roles, they'll achieve their ultimate goal. In many people's opinion, this team is among the most hated. Why you ask? Is it because of their success? Is it because of their hard-nosed, gritty defense? Is it because they'll let opponents know what the score is as they run you up and down the court? It could be one, or all of these things, but one cannot take away their ability to win. No individual players on this team, just a bunch of guys willing to sacrifice everything to win. Of course the reigning champs should be on the BBAL radar for a repeat... you better watch out.

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