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The Tropics 2022 Preview

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Before the start of the 2021 Season, the Dragons seemed to be unfair on paper. They had the 3-Headed Dragon with Jah Greaves, Brad Atkinson, and Tyler Crespo. These 3 eventually began to gel together after a loss to start the season. The team seemed to be unbeatable again. This all came to a halt when Jah Greaves declared he wanted a trade. Mr. Greaves remained a Dragon, but it certainly altered their team. They made it to the Semi-Finals and eventually lost to TBD. The team has promise and loads of talent. Shoot well from 3 and can get hot quick (Jebbie Besecker). But can all this talent lead them to a BBAL Finals appearance? Can this team learn to play together and not self-implode? The team can definitely make it far, but we will see if they are able to. On another note, there are rumors that Captain Brad Atkinson may make a move involving Jah Greaves due to both of them thinking it is time to move on. Jah, who was a potential MVP candidate with 16 PPG and 13 RPG, will definitely be looked at on the market, but will his off the court antics lead people away? A lot of questions come up when you think about the Wazuzu Dragons. We will see what this team provides this coming season.

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