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The Bullies 2022 Preview

By far the most entertaining team in the BBAL, The Bullies are always headlining the media. Their constant off-the-court antics and amusing behavior left one wondering if they'd be able to get anything done on the court this year. In the beginning of the season, this team was predominately built on football players. When the Captain is Liam Besecker, we should've expected he'd bring together his "Goon Squad". The start of their season was unforgettable as their management, Liam Besecker and Alex Cruz, decided to restart and rebuild after their very first game. No love lost with The Bullies *hehe* as Alex and Liam began to threaten each other to leave the team. After a season turning win against The Lanc Show, the team started to turn around. We saw growth. Football players, learning the art and elegance of basketball. Denzel Kabasele came back and was healthy, Erik Goldbach came out of the shadows, and Carmelo Cruz formed into his eventual Rookie of the Year form. Although their season ended in the First Round of the Playoffs, the team showed a lot of promise. There was only one lingering issue, the amount of players The Bullies had... 17. As of today, there are many players disgruntled with their position and moves must be made, only which Bully is gonna have to get Bullied.

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