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The People Behind The Scenes

Not All Heros Wear Capes


Lily Besecker


Lily is the best scorekeeper there is!  Don't be fooled by her beautiful smile because she can give that look and you'll know it's game time.  She has never missed a game let alone a single point! Because of her unmatched scorekeeping skills, she has earned the respect from all the people involved in this league.  The BBAL can always count on Lily to do the job exceptionably until that last buzzer sounds.


Allison Keck


Allison's interests may not exactly be in basketball, but she is a joy to be around at the score table.  She enjoys everything off the court and always has the ability to bring a crowd to the scoreboard.  You will probably catch her talking about the "tea" involving BBAL drama. The tandem between Allison and Lily is unmatched, perhaps the best duo in the league.  The league loves these two ladies... we could not get it done without them!


Tobey Prime


Tobey is the leagues very first BBAL reporter and we couldn't be luckier!  Tobey's ability to live tweet and interview over the course of a Sunday is impeccable.  His infectious smile and love for the game of basketball brings a new energy to this league, one that is taking us to another level.  Whether it's finding out the most recent rumors, or simply asking the questions other won't ask, Tobey is able to do this swiftly and efficiently.  We wait on the edge of our seats for Tobey's next tweet.


Tony Cruz

Content Creator

Simply put, Tony does it all.  A Swiss Army Knife some would say.  He is in charge of our Instagram page along with our Tik Tok.  He makes photo edits and will create some of the best sideline interviews one can see.  He focuses on the game outside of the game.  Gathering up footage of the leagues best characters.  Oh, and did I mention he was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate for The 8 Balls.


Martha Besecker


Martha is the sweetest soul you'll be able to find along the sidelines of every Sunday.  She is the creative designer behind every logo and the layout seen throughout the BBAL.  She does her best to make sure every Sunday is nothing less than perfect. Her enjoyment comes from watching her three boys take care of things on the court, while her daughter does business off the court.  Because of Martha, the league is bussin' bussin'.


Joe Besecker

The Boss

Where do we even start with Mr. Besecker?  The man who brought the Sport Court to life. The man who shouts "RITAS" from the sideline as someone is shooting free throws.  The man who brings pizza after every slate of games.  Mr. Besecker does whatever is needed to be done to make sure this league is king.  You'll hear his chirping from the sidelines, but he does it with a smile on his face knowing that these kids couldn't beat him in a free throw competition back in his day.


Jonathan "Clips Capture" Rodriguez

Camera Man

In the dynamic realm of sports, Jonathan emerges as an unsung hero, tirelessly capturing every pivotal moment with his skilled eye and unwavering dedication. Beyond mere technical proficiency, he is a masterful storyteller, weaving narratives of triumph and defeat through his lens. Rain or shine, win or lose, Clips Capture remains ever-present, ensuring that no significant moment escapes his scrutiny. His professionalism and camaraderie enrich the game for all involved, solidifying his status as an indispensable component of the sports experience. The behind-the-scenes MVP who brings the magic of every game to life.

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