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The Titans 2022 Preview

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

After starting out the 2021 season 3-0, it only seemed to go downhill from there for The Titans. The team seems to ride smoothly when winning, but when the going gets tough, everyone is going at each others throats. The team had a lot of height and got dirty underneath, but the stats did not show for it as they were in the bottom half of rebounding for the season. The Titans finished the regular season well as they had a first round bye. They then faced the future champions, The Lanc Show, and got bounced in the final game. Losing does two things; brings you together, or tears you apart. In this case, it tore the Titans apart. Rumors swirling that certain players are demanding a trade and if not traded will refuse to play. With this tornado of confusion swirling around The Titans, time will only tell if they can weather the storm. If this team can make it through this, I truly believe this could be a team to look out for in the future... but not all problems get solved.

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