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In week 7 of the BBAL, the most highly anticipated showdown is set to take place at the Sport Court. The undefeated Gremlins will go head-to-head against the former champions, the Woodpeckers.

Led by the exceptional leadership of captain Tony Cruz, the Gremlins' unbeaten run and energetic style will collide with the Woodpeckers, led by the formidable Devin Atkinson and their championship experience. Brace yourself for an exhilarating clash between two of the league's top teams as they battle for victory and seize momentum with the playoffs just around the corner.

With such a rare and exciting matchup occurring in week 7, there is a compelling argument for moving this highly anticipated game to the coveted "prime time" slot at 8:00 pm. By doing so, the BBAL can maximize the excitement and drama surrounding this amazing matchup!

The Gremlins, aiming on a perfect regular season moving to to an impressive 5-0 record is the next step,

With Tony Cruz at the helm, their team chemistry, relentless energy, and unmatched determination will be on full display. However, the Woodpeckers, led by the dynamic Devin Atkinson, will be determined to showcase why they are the former champions. Their experience, resilience, and hunger to reclaim the title will undoubtedly make them a formidable opponent.

Will the Gremlins continue their undefeated streak and solidify their status as the league's dominant force? Or will the Woodpeckers, fueled by their championship experience and led by the indomitable Devin Atkinson, rise to the occasion and prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with?

See you all on Sunday July 16th

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