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Bullies Coming For The Crown?

Last year, The Bullies were considered a bye week. Now, although just Week 1, they look like title contenders. They have the perfect balance between quick shooting guards and powerful big men down low. Erik Goldbach and Denzel Kabasele led the way this past Sunday in scoring with a combined 50% from three (10/20). On most of this misses, Liam Besecker was seen grabbing the boards with 6 offensive rebounds. He ended the game with 16 total which is a career high for him. Alex Cruz controlled the paint for the majority of the game alongside Liam. The two football brutes are tough bodies to move and do many things that do not show up in the stat sheet. "The Sheriff" was known as one of the best trash talkers last year and that trait has not seemed to go away. Reigning ROY and President of the Players Union Carmelo Cruz had a rough night from the field but that did not stop his production on the glass grabbing 6 of 'em. Lastly, their new addition of Kurt Goldbach fully embodies the role of Bully. A hard nosed, blue collar player willing to do whatever it takes to win. Strong as an ox and the motor of a Ford, his impact is immeasurable.

With all of this being said, the team seems unbeatable right? I would say their worst enemy is themself. The team is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of our league. The perfect balance of shooting (chocolate) and rebounding (peanut butter). But, one wrong ingredient, and the team could crumble. Will that happen? Only time will tell. For now, we should enjoy this terrific display of basketball from two former great LCHS point guards and four LCHS defensive beasts.

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