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2024 Post Draft BBAL Power Rankings

The season didn't even start and I am already ruffling people's feathers. I love it.

If you didn't like my draft grades then you're definitely going to hate my power rankings. I will be honest, this was an arduous task. I had a difficult time placing these teams, but I went with my gut and strictly off the names I see on the roster.

This season is going to be the greatest season in BBAL history, and it's strictly off the talent that all these rosters have. It may be a tall task to power rank them, but someone's got to do it.

Let's get into it.

#1: Bullies

Captain: Liam Besecker

Keepers: Marqel Wansley, Erik Goldbach

Drafted: Kobe Gantz, Izaiah Top Floor, Deshaun McFadden, Javon Mitchell, Bubba, David Morton, Jyzel Mitchell, Obens Luxama, Duncan Skehan, Elijah Thomas

It may finally be the Bullies year.

Liam dumped the toxicity that plagued the Bullies franchise for years and replaced it with marquee talent. I am so excited to watch this team play, especially with all the new weapons around reigning MVP, Marqel Wansley.

#2: Woodpeckers

Captain: Devin Atkinson

Keepers: Elijah Eberly

Drafted: Aaron Castro, Danny Bomberger, Aidan Sands, Dylan Atkinson, Aleer Gonzalez, Kenny Huhn, John To, Cam Barto, Logan Weyforth

Woodpeckers are back. And it's beautiful.

Now, I heard Danny's availability may be dicey, but if everyone is present and healthy, this team is going to be DANGEROUS. The Woodpeckers literally have TWO two-headed dragons with Devin and Aaron up top, and Danny and Elijah down low. I cannot wait to see this team in the playoffs.

#3: Huskies

Captain: Justin Baker

Keepers: Eli Washington, Timmy Edwards, Jordan Tyson

Drafted: Isaiah Valentine, Dakota Royer, Parker Wolfe, Chase Marquette, David Kamwanga, Timmothy Siegrist, Aaron Siegrist, Joseph Gaenzle, Andrew Richardson

Huskies gained even more chemistry in the wolfpack.

The Huskies trio is uber talented. We all know that, we all saw that; however, Justin also seemed to draft some close friends to the roster. There's nothing more dangerous than adding more wolves to a wolfpack. I disrespected the Huskies in my preseason rankings last year, but I'm not doing it again. Let's see if they make me look good this season.

#4: 8Balls

Captain: Ross Conway

Keepers: N/A

Drafted: Jason Kuntzelman, Grant Conway, Michael Hester, Julian Collazo, Cole Portz, Dwayne Caine, Dan Engle, Joe Stengel, Daniel Myers, Malkam Lawrence, Talan Knaub

No keepers, no problem. The 4's are still gonna get raised up.

The Conway's added the Co-Founder of MJM (who loves the nutmeg) and filled the rest of the roster with some hoopers, hustlers, glue guys, and brought back the teammate of all teammates, Cole Portz. However, it all boils down to Ross Conway. The sport court is his canvas, he is the artist, and the basketball is his brush. I cannot wait to see all the master pieces he creates this summer.

#5: Cherrypickers

Captain: KJ Myers

Keepers: John John, Brownlee, BellyFam, Denzel Kabasele

Drafted: Jhiaire Felton, Noah Thomas, Elijah Bynum, Joe Chupick, Elie Basenga, Will Hamilton, Charlie Skehan, Uncle Kevin

They got picked, but they're still sweet.

I am going against my usual rule of always respecting a previous champion because there is a major exception: the Cherrypickers lost their Finals MVP, Devonne Pinkard. Devonne was the best player to tie up the laces of the sport court last season, but now he's gone.

KJ kept the ship afloat with the additions of Denzel, Felton, and Noah Thomas, but I still don't feel that they even come close to filling the massive missing shoe of Devonne. Cherrys will be competitive, but will have to see how they perform before I consider moving them up.

#6: Titans

Captain: Johnny Besecker

Keepers: Ant-Man, Bam Bam, Trevor St. Claire, Rob Footman

Drafted: Chase Yarberough, Darnell Booth, Keith Mency, Joe Zukus, Brandon Seals, Mike Homer, Jeb Besecker, Andy Santiago, Jay Gonzalez, Nassir Weaver

Johnny loses friends, but gains a brother. Roll Tits.

Titans struggled at the beginning of season last year, but became the hottest team toward the end, but fell to the 8Balls in the semi-finals. Although a heart breaking way to end the season, I still feel the Titans are a contending team. There are some player availability questions, but if the roster plays, this team is not a squad you want to meet in the playoffs.

#7: Tropics

Captain: Brad Atkinson

Keepers: Ronnie Swatner, Tyler Crespo, Adam Stoltzfus, Aaron

Drafted: Tyrell Melendez, Jah Greaves, Raaker Smith, Dylan Mellinger, Denny Atkinson, Kurt Goldbach, Conor Wilkin

The storm is clearing in the Tropics.

Now, this team was dealing with availability problems all last year. The best duo in the league (Brad and Ty) only played together three or four times last season. We should get a lot more of them both together, but what really intrigues me is the addition of Jah Greaves. Jah seems like the perfect fit in this Tropics team, but you also can't sleep on the shooters around them!

#8: Lanc Show

Captain: Connor Engle

Keepers: Jack Engle, Chris Richards, Tate Landis

Drafted: Ajani Simmons, Luke Pierson, Drew Groft, Jaxon Weyforth, Drew Williams, Jack Shedleski, Willie Burger, Skylar Bender, Jakai Veitia

Showtime is back.

I praised the Lanc Show for their fantastic draft, but I don't know if I am ready to throw them up in the power rankings just yet. However, I am extremely excited to watch this team play.

Jack is a stud, but Connor surrounded his brother with speedsters, defenders, shooters, and the most exciting player in the league in Ajani Simmons; in the words of Zach Edey after beating Tennessee, "I have a boner." My only worry is they don't really have a true big man, but I would not be surprised if they slowly climb up my power rankings as the season goes on.

#9: Dragons

Captain: Alex Cruz

Keepers: Ricky Cruz, Andrew Makrides, Kevin Roldan

Drafted: Dre Davis, Joey McCracken, Jon Ware, Nasiir McFadden, Alex Makrides, Kurt Harnish, Isaiah Thomas, Nick Keener, Ryan Koltenovitch

New captain, new era, same results?

I really want to like this Dragons team, but outside of their keepers, I don't believe this roster has enough. I hope I'm wrong, but the depth is concerning. Ricky, Makrides, and Kevin are going to fill up the stat sheet, but will that turn into wins? Time will tell.

#10: Gremlins

Captain: Tony Cruz

Keepers: Elijah Terry, Makai Ortiz-Gray, Casey Corvino

Drafted: Nevin Roman, Mike Myers, Mike Lyons, Mason Legenstein, EJ Pratt, Mark Goldbach, Curtis Cannon, Jeff Espinal, Jaydin Nazario

I know being at the bottom is not the most ideal spot that most Gremlins don't want to see, but comparing this roster to other team's around the league, it's tough to say they stack up well.

I loved the Nevin pick up, but what worries me is where is your big man? Who's going to guard the Elijah's, the Jah's, and the Timmy's of the world? The Gremlins will definitely put up fights in many games, but personally, I don't think this is a championship roster.

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