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Yes... We are Expanding

As one can tell by the title, we are expanding to two new teams. Yes, this completely discredits everything I have written so far. I will have to redo all of these team previews. At this point these are starting to feel like a diary because I’m not sure if anyone is reading these. Besides the point. We believed that this decision was best for the league due to the amount of players wanting to join. With each team averaging around 14 players per team, this was obviously not sustainable as we want everyone to be apart of and play in this league. It was a difficult and thought out choice, but this is one that is for the better of the BBAL community. We hope everyone gets to enjoy this league to the fullest and is happy with their new teams, but of course we will expect the drama. Trades will be discussed, arguments will be heard, but we will all be friends at the end of the day. We would like to thank you guys for always being so understanding and hope this results in the league becoming better than it ever was.

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