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Wazuzu to the Moon🚀

The best team on paper, by far. The team is full of LL League all stars front to back, not to mention an unknown player who we think plays D1? The best looking team does not always win, but in Sunday's case, they did. The balanced scoring between the team was a thing of beauty as they had almost 4 players in double figures. For a team that played together for the first time on Sunday, this is extremely impressive. Yes, there were some growing pains, but overall you saw chemistry and ball movement that takes some teams a full season to master. Kevin Roldan led the way with 13 points and 3 threes. You'd think this is a low scoring night for him, but with so many scorers and just one ball, that's about the most he could do. Jah Greaves and Andrew Makrides both had 12 which came in bunches. Jah Greaves scored in the paint with his big body gobbling up offensive rebounds (4) and putting the ball back in the hoop. He also had a few nice finds(3), even throwing an Alley-Oop to Michael Myers. Makrides was seen packing up the paint too and even throwing a slama jama down off a fast break. Jon Ware ran the team like QB does his offense and controlled the pace of the game. He gave out 3 assists and was 3-5 with 6 points. We went through all of this and haven't even mentioned Dwayne Caine. The man who has springs in his shoes. He gave the Dragons 5 points and a 3 ball to help lead them to a 2 point victory. Close game, but their first game.

Who is the man in charge of this you may ask? Some have compared him to Jerry Buss, but the man is Jebbie Besecker. He drafted the players that were the best; not the ones that would fit his system, or would make the most games, but the guys who were the best. By doing this, Jebbie understood that he would spend a little more time on the bench, coaching it up on the sideline. This is a sacrifice Jebbie made at the cost of winning. And boy does he love winning. He is a true captain leading his ship hopefully to the chip, but not without a few rough waves. One of those waves is the Bullies. A brother of his who he's exchanged many words just within this week. As words continue to go back and forth, we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for Week 6, Dragons vs Bullies.

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