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The Gold Mine

Having a tough time following the "Kurt Goldbach Free Agency Drama"? So are we. Let us start from the beginning. It all started in the summer of 2021 when Kurt Goldbach began to feel disgruntled with his teammates and management during the inaugural BBAL season. Whether it was disagreements on plays or hustle, the teams knew there was something brewing. As playoffs rolled around, it seemed it was the beginning of the end. When the Lanc Show eventually beat the Titans in Game 3 on July 11th, it was evident that Kurt was extremely unhappy. To this day, a rumor still swirls around that Kurt had threatened to retire from the league. Flash forward to January 27th, 2022 and Kurt has officially become a free agent. After a final discussion with the team, we decided it would be best to move on. This free agency did not last very long as on February 3rd 2022, the league decided it would be best to expand. The Gremlins had picked up Kurt Goldbach and looked for a bright future. Kurt, unhappy with his new team, decided to test free agency again. And this is where we stand today. Kurt, closing in on a deal with the Bullies, will hopefully find a new home by nights end. Will Kurt be reunited with his brother Erik? Only time will tell...

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