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Is the Lanc Show Back?🕺

The title of this article is a bit of clickbait, but this team certainly has the talent and experience to go Back-to-Back. The Lanc Show were able to have 4 of their main core guys return this season in Grant Conway, Scott Slade, Connor Engle, and Mark Goldbach. Coming into this season, one may have thought they were the title favorites. But before this past weekends win against the 3-0 Bullies, they were 0-3. This was an obvious cause for concern, but also gave the team some hope as they started out last season 0-3. They had trouble getting everyone to games as they were missing Mark for the first two games and missed Scott for the middle two. But this last game, against arch rival Bullies and title favorites, they had all the right pieces. In a defensive, gritty, and sometimes dirty game, the Lanc Show were able to pull out a 47-46 win. Scott Slade led the team with 13 points, 7 rebounds, and two big blocks. His defensive presence was felt in the paint all throughout the game. Brendan Bowen also hit three huge 3s down the stretch which helped spark their comeback. Mark and Grant did what point guards do and combined for 7 assists and 7 steals. Connor gave him clutch free throws and Isiah was able to hit the biggest field goal of the game when he made a backdoor cut to the basket and tied the game up with under 25 seconds to play. Yes, the Bullies made some bone headed plays down the stretch, but that is what separates this Lanc Show team from others; experience and championship DNA. With all of their core guys being there for the first time this season, we finally saw what this team was capable of.

This game is a bright spot on their season, but there is much to improve on with this team. They are shooting 37% from the field and 22% from 3. Averaging around 10.5 turnovers per game, the team has struggled offensively this year. But this team is known for their defense and the 6.5 steals per game is a sign of their success on that end. As their team seems to have found their offensive spark with Scott Slade back (17.5 PPG), hopefully the offensive issues will fade away. The Lanc Show are a hard nosed, blue collar, gold blooded team. Although the games are not always the most pretty, the team knows how to keep us entertained... hence the Lanc Show.

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