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BBAL Championship Recap

This is it. For all the marbles. The 8 Balls and the Cherrypickers… Let’s roll!

The 8 Balls who are coming off knocking off the Titans were already at a disadvantage without one of their top scorers in Danny Bomberger. They knew that this would hurt but seemed to still have a great deal of confidence in their team. They shot 34% from the field and 21% from 3 which was disappointing although they didn’t have Danny. Ross Conway shot 27% from the field on 33 attempts and 12% from 3 on 16 attempts despite having a double-double with 21 points and 18 rebounds. His brother, Grant Conway shot 35% from the field and 36% from 3 with 17 points. Another guy I personally expected to step up was my cousin, Aleer Gonzalez who shot 37% from the field and 17% from 3 with 15 pts and 5 crucial TOs. Calan Titus couldn’t get anything going offensively. Overall, without Danny Bomberger, the 8 Balls just looked out of sync and not playing as well together as we’ve seen before. The ball was pretty much in Ross’s hands most of the time with Danny’s absence which led him to take some bad shots. To make matters worse, they couldn’t get the crowd or momentum on their side either which is when they strive. Defensively, they slowed down Devonne Pinkard at the start but, the ‘Pickers are so deep guys like Kevin Roldan, Matt McCleary and more stepped up. Once Devonne got hot, it was pretty much a wrap from there. We knew it was gonna be rough for the 8 Balls from the beginning when they went down big at the start. As we know, it’s hard to get yourself out of a hole that big in a game of that magnitude but, they showed promise going into next season as a big threat despite falling to the Cherrypickers 104-79 in the ‘Chip!

The Champion CherryPickers who are coming off a good win against the young Huskies looked championship worthy in this clash against the 8 Balls. They were confident as well, especially since Danny Bomberger didn't play. They shot 40% from the field and 29% from 3. Devonne Pinkard shot 44% from the field and 38% from three. He had a double-double with 30 points and 22 rebounds. Another dominant performance from him and guys like Kevin Roldan and KJ Brownlee combined for 32 points. Matt McCleary hit some huge, clutch threes. John-John Gilispi and Curtis Cannon played great defensively even if the box score doesn’t show it. The CherryPickers dominated clearly as 6 players had 10 points or more! They played championship basketball offensively with efficiency and a “fun to watch offense” Defensively, they did great shutting down the opposing 8 Balls and keeping the momentum out of their hands. Congratulations to the CherryPickers and the BBAL for another great season and thanks for this opportunity!! And… SEE YALL NEXT YEAR😈💪🏼 MORE ARTICLES TO COME FOR BFAL AND OUR POTENTIAL WIFFLEBALL LEAGUE!! STAY TUNED🙌🏼💯

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